A Group of Georgia Real Estate Agents agreed to pay $60,000 to settle a Fair Housing Complaint.

The complaint filed by Metro Fair Housing alleged child discrimination. The enforcement arm for Fair Housing Complaints is the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD is “assisted “ in this endeavor by Private Agencies who generally are funded by government grant money provided by HUD. Complaints are generally investigated by HUD and then referred to the US Department of Justice.

The private groups fall into several categories. They are either involved in the enforcement of Fair Housing Laws or they are involved in “education” and “awareness’. Some are “faith based” and some not. Some are involved it both community outreach/education and enforcement. There is Significant Competition for Grant Funding.
Generally the groups rely on “Testers” to discover and document infractions to Fair Housing Statutes. The may be acting on a “tip” from someone who feels that they have been discriminated against, or they may simply be doing their own research. Typically they will present the case either to The US Justice Department or to HUD. The process is quite lengthy.

Here are several sources for more on Fair Housing and this event.

Article in Atlanta Journal Constitution online, Dated November 11,2010.
Foster Corbin Executive Director of Metro Fair Housing in testimony before a hearing to look at the track record of the federal government in enforcing fair housing laws explained some of the concerns and problems in Fair Housing.
For additional information on the role of Fair Housing Organizations.
For a discussion on Fair Housing go to the HUD Web site.