Recently a young man was prepping a house to paint. This was a historic house in Marietta. He was scrapping off flaking paint. Unfortunately he was visible from the road ,even worse a lead base paint inspector drove by and saw him. The inspector stopped, shut down the job, spent 3 hours writing up the “violations” sent him to get certified and said they would discuss fines after he was certified.

A Property Management firm in Jacksonville Florida recently had an unwelcome visitor. The EPA  came calling. They wanted to see if the firm was in compliance. Specifically they wanted to see the signed   waivers that acknowledged that the tenant had received the “Lead Based Paint Compliance Disclosure Letter “.Unfortunately the files were not complete and the Firm was fined $150,000.A large Georgia firm had the same experience.  Their fine $200,000.
In Florida the enforcement is handled by The EPA.  Georgia has elected to handle enforcement themselves (EPD)

As a property owner you are still responsible even if you have a property management firm or a realtor involved in the sale, rental, or lease purchase of your home. There are two areas of concern.  You are responsible to have the proper paperwork in file.
You are also are responsible to follow the guidelines if you have a property constructed before 1978, If you or your contractor disturbs the paint.

A contractor friend estimates that following the guidelines for dealing with lead based paint will add ten percent to the cost of a job.

A Realtor friend   commented recently that he was doing a short sale on a large historic property with a lot of detail work that will have to be dealt with the next time the house is painted. I think ultimately the price of older buildings will be affected by the guidelines.

This may create opportunities in older dwellings.

On a property constructed prior to 1978 the requirements for the treatment are very specific.

For further information go to the EPA web site

You can Download the Brochure that must be given to a tenant or buyer:

You can download the compliance form you must get signed by the tenant:

You can download the compliance form you must get signed by the buyer:

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